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Parallel Computing

General Structure -

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What is Parallel Computing? (Beowulf Cluster)
Uses of parallel computing & Features (Commercial feasibility, Cost reduction)

The need for more processing power and faster computational time is the primary requirement of any organization engaged in research. Parallel computing is a proven way to meet this need. Large computational problems usually tend to take days,weeks and even months to finish. If the problem is split up into several smaller tasks and executed in parallel on different processors, the same problem which would have taken days - can be completed in hours!
One of the commonly used type of High-Performance Clusters (HPC) is a Beowulf cluster. It is cluster built out of simple commodity PCs and usually running Linux OS. A Beowulf cluster can be used to achieve speeds comparable to many existing supercomputers at a fraction of the cost.
The main objective of the project is to implement a parallel computing environment i.e. a Beowulf cluster and implement parallel computing applications using it.

If you were plowing a field, which would you rather use? Two strong oxen or 1024 chickens?”
Anything that can be done in parallel can be done sequentially, if enough 'time' is avaliable.

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Cluster specification
Software specification
Hardware specification

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Parallel Computing applications
Matrix Multiplication
Searching & Sorting of numbers.
Breaking DES

In the course of the project, different applications to demonstrate the efficiency of parallel computing have been implemented. Some of them are:
* Matrix Multiplication
Matrix multiplication is a computation intensive job, which is when implemented in parallel, demonstrates the power of parallel computation.

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Tiled Display Applications

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