Research Proposals For Independent Study

Abhishek Kulkarni
August 19, 2007

After having discussions with Prof. Lumsdaine, Tim Mattox and OSCAR 1
& Perceus 2 developers, I have gathered some project ideas for the indepen-
dent study to be carried under Prof. Andrew Lumsdaine. The independent
study (y790) typically runs over 1 to 2 semesters, worthy of 3–6 credit hours.
The scope of these projects vary depending on the complexity of their imple-
mentation process. HPC clustering solutions/distributions like OSCAR, Rocks,
Warewulf/Perceus, Scyld have come a long way with improvements in configura-
bility, manageability and simplicity maintaining the productivity and efficiency
standards. I aim to contribute to the work going on in the OSL lab in these

• OSCAR Improvements

– Integrating Lustre file system (or AFS) into OSCAR
Lustre is a scalable, secure, robust, highly-available cluster file sys-
tem. Integration of Lustre with OSCAR aims to improve the perfor-
mance of underlying FS used by OSCAR

– OFED+Infiniband package for OSCAR
OFED (OpenFabrics Enterprise Distribution) is a high performance
server and storage connectivity software which aims to provide ser-
vices over Infiniband in OSCAR

– OSCAR testing using KVM with scriptable CLI automation
Deploying OSCAR on the nodes can be time-consuming and pain-
staking process for the developers. Testing of OSCAR can be fa-
cilitated by creating virtual machines automatically using scriptable

• Diskless/stateless clustering using OSCAR with Perceus/Warewulf
Stateless clusters have an edge over stateful clusters in terms of scalabil-
ity, simplicity and administratibility. Perceus uses an innovative Hybrid
NFS+Ramdisk approach for provisioning which helps in setting up clus-
ters within minutes. The single point of administration and ease-of-use
would help novice people to deploy clusters thus pushing forward the goal

1Bernard Li, DongInn Kim
2Greg Kurtzer

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