Video Viewer for Tiled Display


Tiled wall displays are widely used for presentations in the scientific community and educational institutions. Videos form a considerably large proportion of the presentation media. Videos are usually compressed to a smaller size for practical reasons, thereby reducing the resolution of the video. Thus, displaying a video on a single display monitor can result in loss of detail. On the other hand, high resolution videos usually take a long time to render on a single computer.
Using tiled display for viewing videos is a very effective way to overcome some of these issues and achieve a good amount of detail. This technique increases the effective resolution of the video displayed and can be used for presentation to larger audiences.
We have developed a GUI based tiled display MPEG-1 video viewer using the similar approach as that used for the image viewer.


Design & Implementation


The cluster-based video viewer can, thus be used for studying scientific simulations and projecting presentation media on a display wall.
This increases the effective resolution and improves the visibility of the video.

img1.jpg img2.jpg
=Tsunami simulation on the cluster-based video viewer. Tsunami simulation on the cluster-based video viewer.
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