Web Interface Module

Design Mock ups

I've been struggling a little with the layout and the design mock ups.
The trick is to strike a balance between the two factors — "ease-of-use" and "amount of informational content on a page".
Here are some ways I could think of :)

Unified View


The Unified View is a composite view incorporating the cluster view and the node view on a single page.

Pros: Easy to use

Cons: High complexity, Less screen area for node stats.


Segregated View


The Segregated View divides the cluster and node view into two different pages.

Pros: Increases the screen space for node stats and graphs.

Cons: To view the stats of a different cluster, the "BACK" button would have to be used.


'Ganglish' view

The 'Ganglish View' is based on the main page of Ganglia. The cluster stats and graphs would be displayed on the front page.
The design is not very intuitive to say the least.

Check out the Ganglia Demo

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