Setting up of cluster

Prerequisites -
Host with Linux installed NIS, NFS and MPICH is required before setting up the cluster.

Name the machines
Simple, two step procedure

* Edit /etc/hosts file add the host IP and hostname to it.
* Execute the - sudo hostname <hostname> OR simply edit the /etc/hostname file in Kubuntu (Locate hostname file otherwise /etc/sysconfig can also contain this file) .
* Carry out the same process for domain name too.

Setting up the RSH

* Modify the /etc/hosts.allow should have -

in.rshd : 192.168.0.
in.rlogind : 192.168.0.
portmap : 192.168.0.
sshd : 192.168.0.

* Modify the /etc/hosts.deny -


* Edit /etc/hosts.equiv. it should contain all the hosts allowed access to the terminal.
* Edit /etc/securetty —> to the end of the file add rsh,rlogin,rexec.


* Create a file called .rhosts in your home directory, it should contain all the host names which are allowed to run commands.


* Edit /etc/exports file on the server. Port the home directory of the user who is supposed to run the mpi program. It should look as -

/home/cluster5 *.domainname (rw,all_squash,insecure,async)

* On the server to automatically mount the file system edit the /etc/fstab. It should look as below -

/home/cluster5 server:/home/cluster5 nfs 1 1

* Create a direcotry /home/cluster5 on the client.

Note: To save your self from restarting the m/c to make this work use command —> /etc/rc.d/init.d/nfs restart
Note: This is for RED HAT 9

* On the server goto Menu-> System Setting->Authentication & specifyNIS domain as cluster. Do the same for the clients. Othewise use the command —> nisdomain.
* On the server execute —> service ypserv start.
* Execute —> /var/yp/makefile.
* Build NIS map on server —> /usr/lib/yp/ypinit -m. On the client —> /usr/lib/yp/ypinit -s and then on client again —> /var/yp/make.
* On client edit the /etc/passwd & add + at the end of file.
* Execute this command on the client —> service ypbind start

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